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Make Your Own Rainbows

While driving to the office one morning recently, there appeared a rainbow. Upon seeing it, I immediately smiled. The mental processing of the day ahead ceased, as did some of the anxiety of the anticipation of a particularly busy, potentially stress producing upcoming time.

Of course there was a scientific reason for the rainbow. However, it hadn’t rained recently nor was it terribly humid, even for Georgia. I am certain it had to be sent just for me. It didn’t take long to understand the message in the rainbow.

I had been struck by how quickly I went from preoccupation to a noticeable lightness of spirit. The obvious meaning was for me to be more mindful of on what I focus my energies. A point well noted. Yet what has stayed with me is that it was something as 'simple' as seeing a rainbow that jogged my awareness and lightened my mood instantaneously.

Actual rainbows don’t appear all the time or at least I don’t see them. It’s up to me to make my own 'rainbows'. So, I am doing more “Bend arms over head like rainbow” in Tai Chi Qi Gong, I take extra time to relish in the hugs from my grandchildren and I am pausing whatever I am doing to watch dragonflies. I am making my own rainbows every day. I invite you to make your own.

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